John Stacey – Recording Prisms

Prisms are a local Prog-Indie band, mixing angular guitars with lots of interchanging time signatures, and adolescent lyrical content, in my eyes creating something quite unique yet skilled for musicians of their age (ranging from 17 – 20 years old). Jack, the lead singer/guitarist, is the cousin of an old friend, and after watching a video of them in the practice rooms at their Lincoln College study ground, I fell in love with what they are building and trying to do, so wanted to get them into the studio. Having won the Lincoln Battle of the bands very recently, and earnt themselves a four day professional recording session worth £2000, I felt this would be a very good experience for them to come in with myself and Luke Pickering, in an industry standard environment, before going away for this recording. It has been a worthwhile experience for myself and Luke, while producing a subsequent EP recording for the band to take to their professional session to work with.I felt I have learnt massively over the two day period, having to work through three songs, fully hands on, where everything right and wrong is down to ourselves and the band alone. Luckily the lads were very good musicians and highly professional throughout. John Stacey, Level 1 Audio Production.

Prisms: Square Dancing with Jerry Bruickheimer by audioproduction

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