US Intern, Neal Stein

During the month of February we have the pleasure of Neal Stein’s company. Neal is a student of audio and music at Minnesota State University, Moorhead and is with us to complete his internship credit as is required by his course. Neal’s duties include mentoring student projects, assistance during seminars and workshops along with the transfer of skills and knowledge.

Neal’s specialism is music production after spending time playing guitar in rock and metal bands – his chief interest is tracking. He says: ‘My main working philosophy revolves around getting a good sound at the source. I also believe in the importance of maintaining a good atmosphere for musicians to stay inspired while tracking. The studio can freak out even seasoned performers since things can sound so different compared to playing on a stage’. Neal has also recorded jazz projects and plays 5 string banjo in a folk group.

Neal seems to be enjoying the relative warmth of 0˚C Lincoln after the recent -25˚C of Fargo. Hopefully it will be a lot warmer when he welcomes the arrival of a group level 3 Audio Production students to Moorhead in March.

You can hear Neal’s work here: Soundcloud.

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