Track included on Andrew Weatherall’s Masterpiece compilation

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that one of my tracks has been used on Andrew Weatherall’s Masterpiece compilation. Andrew is a DJ and producer I have a great deal of respect for and whose work I have followed for a very long time.

Andrew Weatherall’s history goes back far to the beginning of the British acid house scene, having swung gigs for himself at Danny Rampling’s legendary Shoom night off the back of the sort of sounds Andrew showcased on “that” compilation for Nuphonic – entitled 9 O’Clock Drop. Subsequently, his connections with the original Boys Own record label (and fanzine) led to artist releases, remixes and a string of legendary London clubs such as Blood Sugar, Circulation and of course Sabresonic (where the fledgling David Holmes cut his teeth). It was through Primal Scream though that Andrew firstmade his name. As the producer of Screamadelica he took The Primals, twisted them (best not to ask how) and in turn created the hybrid of narcotically-challenged rock and acid house now seen as a generation-defining release.

You can check out the compilation here

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