Guest Lecture – Lol Hammond – Music Supervisor

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Lol Hammond visited Lincoln to talk to 3rd year Audio Production students about his role at Vertigo Films as a Music Supervisor. In this highly entertaining talk, Lol drew on his experiences on working on films such as Bronson, Monsters and It’s All Gone Pete Tong to give a fascinating insight into how he works with film directors, editors and composers in order to create a soundtrack to help bring a film to life.

He explained to students how the choice of songs and score can be critical to the success of a film, particularly when trying to create the right feel/vibe or drive the narrative along. Mediation and translation of ideas between the director and composer is a crucial aspect of Lol’s role, as is keeping up with day-to-day administrative tasks and negotiating fees with artists, publishers and record companies.

This was a hugely enjoyable and informative talk, which gave students a much clearer understanding of the role of the Music Supervisor.

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